Do you know that not updated firmware can be cause of your data stealing.

wifiCraig Young said that all of our information is passed through our home Wi-Fi routers, which we use to share the Internet with other devices, but he also said how to fix this problem.

Young know some hackers, that win competition, where participants are need to hack Wi-Fi routers. This event was called the DEF CON hacking conference in 2014.
Moreover, he warned that everyone will face hackers..


Hacker can get your data files, if your home wireless router work as file server. Your browser history isn’t in safe too. All this information will be sent in special web storage with passwords and usernames, which made by criminals. That can cause some troubles with money or privacy policy.

Criminals can use your router for site attacks or illegal downloads. There was situation when hackers spreaded special virus by using routers, which based on Linux. They used this situation to attack commercial sites. This situation is big trouble for people, who has their buisiness.
Firmware updating problem

Linksys company developed new firmware every year, but only for routers, which are the most popular. The Head of company choose routers, which would be updated. New firmware usually brings new features, increases perfomance and security . Linksys already fixed feature that provides local network users to connect to web interface without pass key.

Manufacturers made routers, which can update themselves automatically. The most rated model is Linksys EA8500. After buying, people think that their information in safety, but firmware updates should be activated by manual method. Many computer experts don’t know about necessity of this operation . Famous media edition explore that fewer than half of IT experts already update their router regularly. Only 32% know about this operation.
That statistics show that a lot of routers don’t have latest security firmware update.

The easiest way to update your firmware is log into your web interface. Every manufacturers have their own IP address. Here you can see the most popular manufacturers of routers and their web address IP addresses:

  • D-Link, TP-link, Tenda,2Wire, Actiontec, Eminent, LevelOne, Linksys, Motorola, Netopia, Planet, Senao, Siemens, Sitecom, SMC Networks, Trendnet, usually use 192.168.O.1.
  • ZyXEL, Asus, ZTE, Netgear, Huawei usually use 192.168.l.l.
  • Sercomm, Aztech, Gigabyte usually use 192.168.l.254.
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