How to make your Wi-Fi router signal stronger.

Do you have some troubles with Internet connection in far parts of your house. Don’t worry. You actually found how to solve this problem. Let’s talk about router’s signal strength increasing.

Some routers have signal range configuration in their web-interface, which you can enter by using IP address (mostly), but now we would talk about router location.

Location of your home wireless router is main thing that influence on Wi-Fi signal strength. There are some house parts, that can decrease wireless signal.

Put your router higher as you can.

If you have more than one storey, it’s necessary to put router on last storey. Talking about router’s antennas, they work as umbrella: when you raise it above, below coverage will increase. Floors can be barrier of wireless signal. The best place of router location is basement, but not everyone can agree to put it here.

Middle position is important too.

There are can be some troubles with signal spreading through doors and walls, so it means that middle position of your house provides your router to spread stronger signal. I don’t mean that you must put it in guest bathroom? I just want you to understand that if you possible to place router closer to middle, do it. Provider would help you with wires moving.

If your home wireless router locates in room with closed door, just open it.

Receiver shifting.

Don’t forget that receiving device location must be considered too. As example, AppleTv shouldn’t be behind closed door of your cabinet. Better to move device for some inches to side.

More antennas – stronger signal.

marsrutizatorbesprovodnojasusrtac32001000baset_837685_67Some routers have more than eight antennas. They aren’t used only to amaze you. They are really useful, when we are talking about signal strength. 802.11ac standart provides to use antenna for signal dividing.

You need to learn rabbit-ear TV antenna technique, because of wireless signal bouncing around house. If first antenna’s moving doesn’t change situation, you need to try it with second, third…

There are situations, when you don’t see antennas on your device. That mean that antennas were putted inside router, so you need to move your home wireless router.
Try to put it in vertical position or horizontal.

Your grandma’s time Wi-Fi standart is useless.

If you want to use your home Wi-Fi router to stream films from services like Netflix, you need to have latest wireless networking standart. The best choice is 802.11ac. You can throw your router with 802.11n standart to thrash, because this router was relevant in bluetooth devices times.

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